Chiko's Pinstriping

Motorcycles are quite an emotional subject. Unlike cars, often seen as mere means of transportation and therefore selected on criteria like efficiency, price or practicality, motorcycles are a passion or even a way of live for many among us. And if one speaks about passion, individuality is the term that looms on the horizon. Because, if you think your way of life is unique, you sure as hell want a bike that is unique as well. After all, idling at the traffic lights besides a stranger on the exact same bike is pretty embarrassing; a respectful nod but hopefully that guy turns of at the next corner.


So what can you do if you want your bike to be different from all the other ones out there?

One way would be to open the big catalogues and go apeshit on the bling. Basically, there’s nothing wrong with that, cool bolt-on rides are on the streets, ridden by people with a sensible taste for aesthetics and the ability to act restraint in case of any doubt. But we all have seen (and laughed at) questionable results of bolt-on orgies an that’s why this sort of customizing comes with a peculiar, negative smack.

A different path to your individual ride would be to go the extra mile and build a bike by yourself. Gather some tools, setup a little workshop and do your thing. The results of such efforts vary considerably, often due to the varying abilities of the builder, but no matter if a low-budget mule or a showstopper emerges from you workshop; the thing is unique.

But what if these two options are ruled out but you still want a bike that stands out from the masses?

Maybe a custom paint job is the way to go. It’s relatively cost-effective, very individual depending on the motif you choose and doesn’t imply too much work for the owner.


Chiko’s Pinstriping from German town of Pforzheim could be your man if you’re on for this kind of job.

Chris Rupcic, a trained painter and the man behind the name, spend most of his youth in the graffiti-scene. A growing interest in custom cars and the associated scene led him to the brushes and eventually Pinstriping, Signpainting, Lettering and Custom paint jobs became his new playground. After years of working for personal use or friends, Chris took the plunge into self-employment 5 years ago and provides the custom-scene with freaky paint jobs since that day.

No matter if you want Granny’s favorite lace doily metal-flaked to a fender or your worldly wisdom lettered on your tank; Chris masters many techniques and styles and should be able to realize your weirdest ideas. But let me tell you; Chiko’s Pinstriping is a workshop deeply ingrained in the custom world and works according to the styles and techniques of that scene, so if you’re looking for a dolphin or a sunset, you better look elsewhere.


And here comes a little hint: just as with good tattoo-artists, brush virtuosos like Chris deliver the best work if you give them free rein. Do so and you will end up with a truly unique bike.

More pictures of Chris’ work and his contact details can be found on Chiko’s Pinstriping’s WEBSITE or his FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages.

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