CB 500 by Bold Customs

A 90’s Honda CB 500 is probably best described as a slogger. I guess most signatures on a contract for a CB 500 go back to utility and price rather than passion or emotion. Thousands of CB 500’s work on a daily basis as motorbike-couriers, mere means of transportation or beginner bikes. And I’m pretty sure; many of us even passed their driving license on one of these little fellows. But the apparent lack of emotion is easily compensated by accessibility and reliability.

So if Honda’s CB 500 excels as a beginner bike, why not use it as a five-finger exercise for a young custom workshop. Pedro Ferrão and his mate João founded their small workshop Bold Motorcycles in their basement garage in Portugal. Choosing a 90’s CB as a project bike was obvious, since they can be found for little money in their region and provide ample fun to ride. So, time to do something about the look then, right?

Pedro and João kept the OEM gas tank but modified the rear sub frame. They snatched a tail section from a popular Portuguese 50cc oil burner and mounted in on top of it. They painted the tank as well as the seat in British Racing Green and applied some golden lines along their company logos. The engine was painted black and carries some golden accents as well.

Bold Motorcycles manufactured the seat, the license plate holder as well as the unique front mask that houses a bates-style headlamp as well as a digital speedometer. The rears light as well as the indicators were swapped for LED units while the wiring was reduced and hidden beneath the seat. The air box was ditched in order to make the engine breathe trough two race air filters. The final touches such as the battery box, the fuel cap as well as the rearview mirrors were fabricated in-house as well. New levers and a new exhaust complete the picture.

Pedro and João transformed a cheap and easily accessible everyday mule into a CB that stands out of the mass of learner and courier bikes. Isn’t that the origin and the point of customizing?

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