Bowtex Kevlar leggings

Some of us might have been forced, as infants, to wear woolen tights. They were itchy and looked terrible, especially if they were heirloom from your elder siblings. Mummies want their kids to be warm and snuggly, don’t they? A few years later, while gradually building up your personality, you were fighting tooth and nail to get rid of these things. At school some of your friends started to sport the latest Nikes and Pumas while your Mum still wanted to squeeze you in this woolen nightmares. Sooner or later you won that battle and you swore to yourself to never again wear any form of tights.


Scene change, some 20 to 25 years later; it is mid march and the first rays of sun prove it’s time to wake your bike from hibernation. You’ve been outside for a couple of minutes and the temperature feels just about right to take a little spin. Half an hour later, riding through shady forests, you start to reconsider the outcome of the war on tights you waged two decades ago. Right now you would even wear you sister’s tights with the printed bugs and flowers on it because at this very moment you’re freezing your ass off.


Another scene change: you’re riding your bike to work and you have to take a second set of clothes or wear that silly protective gear all day long. Or after work, at the bar, no chance to impress the ladies in your Kevlar lined jeans seemingly tailored just after the last victorious Lancaster touched a domestic airstrip. So in the end, you’re riding your bike way to often in the wrong gear, hoping not to crash.

That’s exactly what Robert Souery was thinking while wearing a suit on his bike for the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride in Brussels two years ago. Robert had the idea of some sort of Kevlar leggings (let’s call ‘em that way in order to avoid childhood trauma) instead of Kevlar lined jeans. Something you can wear underneath your favorite jeans or suit trousers.


But basically, Kevlar fiber is rough and uncomfortable so Robert developed, in partnership with a German manufacturer, a new sort of Kevlar fiber that leads to a much softer and comfortable product.

Bowtex leggings are made from 55% Kevlar, 25% Protex and 20% cotton mix. This prevents from abrasion and fire while allowing a constant air circulation in order to guarantee the highest possible comfort.


Hips, knees and bum are protected by an additional layer of 100% Kevlar that withstands several seconds of sliding over tarmac. Bowtex are the only ones offering this additional 100% Kevlar layer.

To finish, the leggings have built-in pockets on knees and hips for CE approved D30 protectors. Not only do we want to protect the skin, we also want to protect the bones, don’t we? The leggings are designed to keep you warm in winter but also let some air in for those hot summer days. They are cooler than your average pair of Kevlar lined jeans.

The Bowtex leggings are close-fitting so you can even slip them under a pair of slim fit jeans. You have to find out for yourself if they fit under your 80s Van Halen style spandex trousers.


They come in sizes ranging from S to XXXL at a price of 159€ for the typical Kevlar yellow version or 199€ for a sleeker, black version (not dyed but made from an all-black Kevlar fiber). Taking into account that with Bowtex Kevlar leggings you can wear whatever jeans or trousers you want on your motorbike does make this a reasonable price tag.

Get your pair here, on the Bowtex website.