BMW R100 RC Mono by Oil Stain Garage

Some things need time or several approaches to be appreciated. I remember the first time I had Sushi years ago, I was thinking 'what’s all the fuss about this'? But strangely, the taste made me come back a few days later and now I’m an addict. Or the Mercedes Benz Pagode; ten years ago it was a car among others, today I’d do stupid things to park one in my garage.


But I’m very skeptical about this theory when it comes to BMW’s /7 models. It’s not the bike itself that makes me run, it’s this…let’s say 'strange looking' fairing. Clearly, someone in Munich had forgotten his glasses when he signed this thing off.

But a few weeks back, I saw the first custom bike with such a fairing, heavily modified of course, and it somehow worked. It started to grow on me with every single look I took at the pictures.

And here comes the next bike, Oil Stained Garage’s 1987 BMW R100RS Mono, with one of these despicable fairings turned into a looker. If I think this is going to be a new trend? You bet!


For his 4th build, Luka Cimolini from Slovenia concentrated on the fairing and the rear end of the bike. Since BMW’s Mono models use a monolever-system in the back (hmm, maybe that explains the designation), Luka was able to get a very clean look by building a new subframe that lacks any support bars. In combination with a custom fiberglass seat cowl and a battery that has been hidden under the gearbox, the Bavarian twin looks much sleeker now. But it’s the strange shape of said modified RS-Fairing that makes the bike stand out of the crowd. It might polarize, but it definitely marches to a different drummer.


A Koso LED light makes for a neat tail while Magazi rearview mirrors with integrated indicators are mounted in the front. Luka fabricated an aluminum bracket for the ignition as well as the MINI3 LCD-instrument.

The engine was overhauled but remained untouched in term of performance. The airbox was replaced with an aftermarket part and two K&N filters were bolted to the BING’s. An adjustable White Power Shock dampens the ride while Tarozzi rear sets in combination with Magura Clip-Ons result in a sportier riding position.


After finishing the BMW R100RS, Luka’s head is bursting with new ideas so you can contact him if you’re interested in buying the BMW. Who knows, maybe you’re buying a precursor of a new, trending look.


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