Biker Boot by Magellan & Mulloy

Everybody knows the outcome of a crash without proper safety equipment. The lack of an appropriate jacket or trouser means you’re going to perform the lead role in a pretty bloody play. You’re aware of that but when it comes to your feet, awareness drops significantly. Since your pair of Vans SK8-HI endured weeks of torture by a skateboard griptape back in the days, why should it fall apart after a few meters on the tarmac, right? Okay, they do not offer any real protection for your ankles, but since you’re not Valentino Rossi and you’re just cruising around on your chopper or bobber, what could possibly go wrong?

So far, so good, but there are a few more notes to this tune. Since your pair of Vans might be a pleasant environment for your feet when temperatures are on the rise, they have the nasty habit of turning into a footbath as soon as the rain begins to fall. So what happened to comfort when you’ll have to walk from your bike in soaking wet shoes?

Plus, there’s one more fact that shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to safety for you and your precious bike and that’s grip. No matter if you’re at a traffic light or on your slippery garage floor: squidgy soles can easily turn into a disaster .Trust me, I’ve thrown myself under several of my bikes after slipping on wet floors but with age (and more fragile bones for that matter) comes the insight, that grip might be more important than cool looks. But to be fair, slippery soles isn’t just an issue with above mentioned sneakers but with motorcycle boots bearing renowned brand names as well (a long term review of said renowned boots will be online soon).

Magellan & Mulloy’s Biker Boot could be the solution for all of these problems. Looking back on a heritage of nearly 130 years of bespoke tailoring and shoemaking, the once British-now Dutch company has one of only a few truly CE CAT2-certified motorcycle boots on offer. The Biker Boot, available for ladies as well as gents, is hand made in Italy, comes with a breathable yet waterproof Sympatex lining and promises unparalleled comfort on as well as off the bike.

Said Sympatex lining keeps your hooves dry and warm in winter while it is said to have a cooling effect in summer. A wide opening, a padded tongue as well as a Latex insole make for a comfortable shoe. The double stitching, the gear lever patch as well as the non-slip Vibram sole make for a durable shoe. The Biker Boot is Goodyear welt and therefore 100% waterproof, the 24 month guarantee speaks for itself.

The shoes come with a 339€ price tag and are available in Black, Brown and Cognac (don’t even try to make me believe you weren’t aware of the light brown color of Cognac). Further, you can choose out of 7 different colors for the stitching as well as 16 different colors for the laces. You’ll find what you’re looking for, no matter if you want them to match your bike, your jacket or your favorite pair of socks.

Another major advantage is the sole that can be replaced once it is torn so you don’t have to throw away your nice, comfortably worn-in shoes but can keep on going with a fresh sole.

Get your pair along with more information on the BIKERBOOT.EU WEBSITE or on their FACEBOOK page.