Acid Scrambler and Symphis Rocker by Trilobite

I’ve been on the quest for an appropriate light motorcycle jacket for ages now. Surprisingly, I’m not dumb enough to give in the temptation of wearing a T-Shirt on my bike when temperatures are rising. On a hot day, ten meters on a bike in a light shirt might be bliss. On any day, ten meters of sliding on the tarmac in a light shirt after an unplanned stunt turns out to be a less blissful moment. Next time your grating cheese on your pasta, imagine that chunk of cheese would be the palm of your hand and you know what I’m talking about.

I might have a bit of an old-fashioned opinion when it comes to motorcycle jackets, but I prefer leather. Temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius combined with sweat patches the size of Alaska on my T-Shirt eventually led me to consider an alternative to my leather jackets. And what should I say; I tried different ones, some were better than others but none was really convincing. So the quest goes on.

This led me to stumble upon the Acid Scrambler and Symphis Rocket Jackets by Czech company Trilobite. No need to Google Trilobite, I’ll give you the short version: a Trilobite is a fossil of an extinct marine arthropod. Yes, it lived in the sea, it’s extinct and it looked like a back protector you can shove inside your motorcycle jacket. I don’t know if this or maybe the fact, that many Czech municipal coats of arms are adorned with trilobites led to the company’s name, but let’s focus on the product rather than the name.


Both models, the Acid Scrambler as well as the Symphis Rocker come with leather sleeves ('AHH' goes the diehard leather advocate that I am). The rest of the jacket is made out of denim. In case of the Acid Scrambler, said black denim is reinforced with Dupont™ Kevlar® patches on neuralgic spots such as the back, the elbows and the shoulders. Further, the Acid Scrambler comes with a removable thermos lining, air ventilation side pockets, stretch panels on elbows, shoulders and sleeves, YKK zippers, two chest pockets as well as one inner pocket. The collar is fixed with magnets and that might just be one of the best ideas I heard of. I remember wearing a certain motorcycle jacket that came with a collar that had the unpleasant habit of fluttering above a certain speed. You might think I’m a bit petty right now, but that bloody collar drumming against my helmet like a double bass drum drove me nuts. If nothing else, this proves that over there at Trilobite, someone is actively thinking about the product he designs. The Acid Scrambler is available with brown or black leather sleeves in sizes ranging from S to 4XL. It comes at a price of 299.95€.

The Symphis Rocker, on the other hand, looks like a classic denim jacket with leather sleeves. But Trilobite has worked a bit more high-tech into this model. In fact, said blue denim consist of 4 different layers of material; their so-called TRILOBITEX®-fabric. In comprehensible language, this means one layer of mesh topped by a layer of Dupont™ Kevlar® Aramid fabric topped by a breathable membrane and finally sealed with denim. The whole thing underwent a hydrophobic treatment, comes with waterproof zippers as well as waterproof sealing tape over the seams. This should suffice to keep your manly hairy-chest dry and cozy. (Oh, since the Symphis Rocker is available for ladies as well, replace the hairy chest with whatever suits you best). The waist of the jacket is adjustable and discreetly incorporated 3M reflective stripes on the back make you visible at night when you ride home from the bar. Another well thought out detail are the two chest pockets that can be opened to reveal the mesh layer and work as ventilation. See, it even has A/C. On top of all this, the Symphis Rocker is equipped with the same features of the Acid Scrambler and is available in sizes ranging from S to 3XL. This jacket comes with a 399.95€ price tag.

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You might be pleased to hear that you Trilobite also offer matching denim pants that can be connected to the jackets with an integrated zipper. And finally, both Jackets come WITH Forcefield armor for the back, the shoulders as well as the elbows. Finally a company has grasped their customer’s needs. Others could learn a thing or two here.

It looks as if Trilobite has checked all boxes and comes up with a serious alternative to my beloved leather jacket. I don’t know, maybe I give the textile jacket a second chance, since it comes with leather sleeves…

Find more information or get yours in the online-store on Trilobite’s WEBSITE. Or visit their FACEBOOK page.